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ITALY Daily IPTV List M3U OTT Navigator 07.01.2023


ITALY Daily IPTV List M3U OTT Navigator 07.01.2023

Get ITALY Daily IPTV List M3u8 M3u Working For All Devices Such As Laptop & Decoder & Smart TVs & Mobile/Tablet & PlayStation.

Today We Give You Fast Free IPTV M3u, China, India, United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Argentina, Algeria, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, Morocco, Romania, Czech, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Arabic, Bein Sport, VOD, Movies, Shows, Nature, Kids, Music, etc And More…

Welcom To Best Webiste For Free IPTV M3u Links 2022

vu iptv player


(Step 1) Download And Install VU IPTV PLAYER FROM (“HERE”) After Install Open the App and Follow The Explain


xtream or m3u

Choose ONE For M3u Playlist and TWO For Xtream API


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m3u url

(Step 2) For M3u File Or URL IPTV CLICK (“HERE”) AND Go DOWN ON This Article For Download Files

ONE FOR Files zip file vlc media player TWO For M3u Playlist M3U urls

(Step 3)  For Xtream API Details ⇒ (“HERE”) xtream api



  • AND ADD HOST/IP LIKE THAT http://host-or-ip-server:80 OR

VU IPTV Player allows you to connect with your IPTV provider and play Live TV, Movies, Series, and TV Catchup.

  •  Supports Xtream Codes API
  •  Supports loading M3u File / URL
  •  Watch: Live, Movies, and Series Streaming
  •  Global Search
  •  New Modern layout / UI Design
  •  Support for EPG ( TV Program Guide)
  •  Parental Controls
  •  Fast Zapping
Updated December 16, 2021
Size 24M
Installs + 10,000
Current Version 1.1.3
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Everyone

IPTV is now an integral part of our life. As the concept of IPTV expanded, so has the list of devices you can use to watch IPTV content. And your Android TV makes the top of the list that supports IPTV apps. But, you know that it would be better to watch the IPTV content on the big screen. So, if you are interested in watching the IPTV content on the big screen, follow the guide below to install the IPTV applications on your Android TV.

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How To Install Smarters Player Lite?

1. Install App From (“HERE”)
2. After Install Open App AND Follow The Explain


smarters player lite 1

  • When You Open Apk Choose TV OR Mobiles
  • After Choosing  What You Want
  • We Detect your Device Type Is Mobile TVPlease Choose the Correct One For Better PerformanceAfter Choose Click (ENREGITRER)

smarters player lite 2

AND ⇒ Accepted




smarters player lite 4

  1. Load your playlist
  2.  Load your data from the Device
  3.  Connection with the Xtream Codes API
  4.  Play with a single stream


For Xtream Follow The Explain

smarters player lite 3

  1. ADD ANY NAME You Want Like Your Name LIke IPTV/MY Playlist/Lista IPTV
  2. ADD USERNAME You Can Find It (“HERE”)
  4.  AND ADD HOST/IP LIKE THAT http://host-or-ip-server:80 OR

The Smarters Player App is a fabulous media player that allows end-users to play their content like Live TV, VOD, Series, and Local audio/Video files supplied by them; on their Android Phones, Android TVs, FireSticks, and other android devices.
Smarters Player is the lite version of “IPTV Smarters Pro” with all the basic features unlocked.

  • Feature Overview
  •  Live, Movies, Series, and Radio Streaming Supported
  •  Support Xtream Codes API, M3U URL & Playlist, Local audio/video files
  •  Native Player and Built-in Player Added
  •  Master Search (Locked)
  •  New layout / UI Design
  •  Episode Resuming Bar
  •  Support: EPG ( TV Program Guide)
  •  Support: External EPG Sources (Locked)
  •  Ability to change the buffer size for the VIDEO Player
  •  Chrome Casting Improvements (Locked)
  •  New Controls on the Media Player
  •  Auto Next Episode Play Supported
  •  Parental Controls
  •  Support: TV Catch-Up Streaming
  •  Support: Continue Watching
  • Backup & Restore Settings (Locked)
  •  Support: Recently Added Movies & Series
  •  M3u File and URL Loading Supported
  •  Support: Local Audio / Video files Playing
  •  Support: Play a Single Stream
  •  Ability to add external Players
  • Support: Multi-Screens and Multi-Users
  •  Speed Test facility Integrated and VPN Integration
  •  Support: Dynamic language switching
  •  Support: Picture-in-Picture (Locked)
  •  The new way to download the content
  •  Load Your Playlist Or File/URL Improvements
  •  Ability to open the channel list on the Video Player
  •  Ability to open “ List of episodes” on the Video Player
  •  Bugs fixes and many more improvements

IMPORTANT! Smarters Player Lite doesn’t provide any kind of media content. You need to add a playlist from your IPTV provider to be able to watch it.

Updated December January 7, 2022
Size 23M
Installs + 1,000,000
Current Version 5.0
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Content Rating Everyone


ott-playerHow To Install OTTPLAYER 7-Step?

  1. Open Website From (“HERE”) 
  2. Download APK From (“HERE”)
  3. After Download And Install APK Create an Account On the Website OttPlayer
  4. After Open Account Install App And open it
  5. Add Details Email And Password and click Login
  6. After Login Into Your App Go to the website And Click Devices You Find Your TV OR Mobile.
  7. Upload Files On the website or add m3u URLs

create account

Refresh The App And Enjoy watching!

Watch IPTV from your ISP or from other sources on phones, tablets, set-top boxes, or TV!
And all this is with centralized control via the website!

App features:

  •  Supports protocols: HLS, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP
  •  Playlist support M3U8
  •  Easy management of playlist icons for channels
  •  No ads


To use, first of all, you will need a list of channels (m3u8 playlist). You can get it from any convenient source (your ISP, Internet Service Provider IPTV).

1. You need to create an account on the site ott player;
2. Insert registration information in the application – login and password;
3. Download the playlist to the OTT Player (previously downloaded from your source);
4. Snap the device to a playlist.
5. Enjoy watching!

Updated December
February 9, 2022
Size 25M
Installs + 1,000,000
Current Version 6.0.9
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Content Rating Everyone

iboplayerHow To Install IBOPLAYER?

There are two ways to run channels Download Apk From (“HERE”)
ONE send XC LIke Xtream
TWO m3u file

Updated December
March 23, 2022
Size 74M
Installs + 10,000
Current Version 3019.0
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Content Rating Everyone


Upload your own playlist and download our application for Android TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV.
Enjoy it.

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vlc media player How To Watch IPTV On VLC Media Player?

Step 1: For M3U FILE

  1. Download Vlc Media Player and Install it From the Website (“HERE”).
  2. Open VLC
  3. At the Very Top of the program, Click MEDIA.
  4. Open File.
  5. Select m3u file
  6. Wait till all the Channels load.
  7. Choose a Channel and enjoy the show.

Step 2: For M3u URL

  1. Open VLC.
  2. At the Very Top of the program, click MEDIA.
  3. Open Network Stream.
  4. Past in the URL Finds In File Zip Named M3u.
  5. Wait till all the Channels load.
  6. Choose a Channel and enjoy the show.

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room iptvHow to set up IPTV in Room IPTV On 6 Step?

Step 1: Turn on Room IPTV on your device.
Step 2: Remember the MAC Address that appears on the screen.


 ROOM IPTV 1Step 3: Open your Link From ROOMIPTV

Step 4: Scroll down to “Adding PlayList” and click “Add MultiPlayList link


Step 5: Enter the login device ID and click “Get Started“.

Step 6: Click “Add Playlist” and enter the M3U link. Click here to get a FREE IPTV, get an M3U link, and add an IPTV service list

Step 7: Enjoy IPTV service on-demand channels.



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  1.  Download and install DCC or Putty
  2. Open DCC or Putt
  3. Type the hostname: local IP address for the box
  4. Connection type setting: Telnet
  5. Enter
  6. Username and password entered (user and pass: root)
  7. Copy the command, M3U line From HERE: wget -O /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh “http://ourdns:port/get.php?username=XXX&password=XXX&type=enigma22_script &output=mpegts” && chmod 777 /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh && /etc/enigma2/iptv.sh
  8. Paste it in DCC or Putty ssh
  9. Enter / Wait for it to be installed
  10. Restart the receiver
  11. Go to your “Favorites” box and you should have a new bouquet with the name Franqie IPTV.

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HOW TO SET UP IPTV ON Formuler Z7 Z8 Box

HOW TO SET UP IPTV ON Formuler Z7/Z8 Box?

iptv on formuler z box

Formuler Z8 is an Android TV box that streams IPTV through its MyTV Online 2 App.

How does it work?

With MyTVOnline 2 to connect to our IPTV service, you have two options: Xtreme Codes API or m3u (URL) playlist.

XC: Xtreme Codes API

  1. Go to MYTVOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Add Portal.
  2. Simply enter your username, password, and URL to enjoy watching the latest videos (movies and series) on all channels updated weekly.
    M3U: M3U Playlist
  3. Go to MYTVOnline 2 > Menu > Connections > Playlists.
  4.  Add PlayList, and press connect.
    Wait for all channels to load (may take a while) Select a channel and enjoy the program.

smart iptv xtream playerHow TO Setup Smart IPTV Xtream Player?

  • Install App From (“HERE“)
  • After installing Open The App.
  • Follow The Explain

Smart IPTV Xtream Player 1After Open Select Please Confirm that you agree to our Privacy policy and terms & conditions And Click Agree.



Smart IPTV Xtream Player 2

Click Add Profile




Smart IPTV Xtream Player 31 – For Login With Xtream Codes API
(HERE) You Find Details For Xtream IPTV
2 – Load Your M3u Playlist
(HERE) You Find the M3u URLS Playlist
3 – Android Local Media
AND ABOUT Local Media You Can Download Files From Article.

Smart IPTV Xtream Player 7 Smart IPTV Xtream Player 6 Smart IPTV Xtream Player 5 Smart IPTV Xtream Player 4

Updated December
April 24, 2022
Size 60M
Installs + 1,000,000
Current Version 4.0
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Content Rating Everyone

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What are the Best Free IPTV players for Android?

Here is the list of Best IPTV Players apps for Android:
Smarters IPTV Lite Ibo Player Ottplayer VLC Media Player
Lazy IPTV Perfect Player IPTV Kodi IPTV Pro
Smart IPTV Player IPTV Extreme Pro XCIPTV Player OTT Navigator IPTV
Tivimate IPTV Player NET IPTV IPTV Television SteelTV IPTV
TVCast – Watch IPTV Everywhere IMPlayer SoPlayer

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. The IPTV delivers Live TV Channels, movies, and on-demand videos to you using your IP address. It is an alternative way of watching TV. You can either subscribe to an IPTV service provider or download m3u playlists and use any IPTV Player to watch them on different platforms. IPTV player is available for Windows, Android, MAC, Linux, iOS, and much more. There are plenty of IPTV Players available for MAC. Let us discuss the best IPTV Player for MAC.

Best IPTV Player for MAC

There are plenty of IPTV Players available for MAC. Here are the best and free IPTV Players for MAC which have a good user interface and are easy to use:
VLC Media Player Kodi GSE Smart IPTV IPTV Smarters Pro
Perfect Player IPTV 247 IPTV Player 5K Player Mega IPTV
IPTV Player GOM Player TiviMate IPTV Player KM Player
Lazy IPTV Smart IPTV Simple IPTV Player

How To Download Files From IPTVSAT?

  1. Click The Link, Bellow ⇓
  2. dw file

Download Free IPTV M3u from HERE 12.01.2023

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